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Early Indications of Thrombosis Help in Preventing Postoperative Complications

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Photo: Kazan Federal University

The co-authors are employees of the Protein-Cell Interactions Lab of Kazan Federal University (Natalia G. Evtugina, Alina D. Peshkova, and Lab Head Rustem I. Litvinov) in cooperation with Interregional Clinical Diagnostic Center, Kazan, Russia (Arseniy A. Pichugin) and University of Pennsylvania (John W. Weisel and Rustem I. Litvinov by his primary employment).

It is well-known that surgeries can be complicated by life-threatening thromboses that are hard to predict and not easy to prevent. The authors managed to find a new prognostic laboratory sign of the imminent postoperative thrombosis; remarkably, this sign appears on the ...