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Novateur Ventures Explores New Strategy to Reduce Hyperinflammatory Response Caused by COVID-19

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Photo: Novateur Ventures

A novel strategy has been developed by Novateur Ventures, which provides new hope in the battle against COVID-19. The study titled ‘A Novel Strategy to Mitigate the Hyperinflammatory Response to COVID-19 by Targeting Leukotrienes’ was published in Frontiers in Pharmacology, a leading peer-reviewed journal.

The strategy co-authored by Ali Ardakani, Founder & Managing Director at Novateur Ventures, and Dr. Colin D. Funk (Queen's University, Kingston) analyzes lipid mediators, known as leukotrienes, as the cause for hyperinflammatory response manifested in severe COVID-19 cases. Patients with severe COVID-19 develop an overwhelming state of inflammation with multi-organ dysfunction ...